Year tutor, BSc Astronomy by Distance Learning – year tutor for the distance learning course, looking after student queries, progression, and applications to study.

AA1051: Introductory Astronomy (distance learning) – a year-long broad overview of modern astrophysics for beginners to the subject.  Covers the essential physics background, measurements and coordinate systems used in astronomy, telescopes and observing conditions, stellar structure, the HR diagram and stellar evolution, the distance ladder, galaxies, and simple cosmology.  Updated the course to run via Teams with more interactivity.  Module leader.  More information.

AA3050: DL astronomy dissertation – supervising distance learning students working their final dissertations at the end of their path through the UCLan distance learning degree in astronomy.    My student this year is working on modelling the radio light curve of a recent core collapse supernova.  Module leader.

Research students – I am DoS for a student working on deep field radio astronomy (2020-2023).