Previous teaching experience

Erasmus+ training – supervising an Erasmus+ trainee who worked with me for four months in 2016 on a new class of compact ultra-steep spectrum radio sources, trying to find identifications in multi-wavelength catalogues, processing new JVLA data on the sample, and learning to calibrate and process e-MERLIN data.  She went on to complete her undergraduate dissertation on the same topic, back in her home country.

MSc by research – I co-supervised a student working on the LeMMINGs e-MERLIN galaxy survey in academic year 2015/6.  The student analysed a dataset of ten galaxies, completed her dissertation successfully, and went on to study for a PhD at Cardiff.

Nuffield summer student projects – I have hosted a total of four Nuffield summer students (sixth form students) over the summers of 2014, 2015 and 2016.  They have all worked on different astrophysics mini-research projects, gaining an insight into university life and how science works in practise.  All have gone on to apply for STEM degree places at university.

Radiation processes in astrophysics: supernovae – An honours-level undergraduate lecture course on supernovae, delivered to a fourth-year group of undergraduate physics students at Curtin University, Perth, in 2010. The course covered the physics of stellar end products, including core collapse and thermonuclear supernovae, and included a series of formal lectures, coursework questions, and an exam.  Audience: advanced undergraduate physics majors.