My name is Megan Argo, professional astrophysicist and science communicator. I am a Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston (see my teaching page), studying galaxies in the nearby universe with radio telescopes (see my publications list), regularly pop up in the media to talk about astronomy and space news stories (see media appearances), give public lectures and schools workshops all over the country (see my events list), and give talks at teacher training events.  I have been both doing science, and communicating science to a variety of audiences, since my undergraduate days in 1999-2003. 

I have worked as a scientist in the UK (UCLan, Manchester), Australia (ICRAR/Curtin) and the Netherlands (ASTRON), and been lucky enough to observe with some of the best radio telescopes around the world, in Europe (e-MERLIN, EVN), India (GMRT), the USA (VLA, VLBA) and Australia (LBA, Parkes). My passion for sharing the wonders of the universe with children of all ages has taken me from northern Scotland to outback Western Australia, via rural India, the mountains of Columbia, and cosmopolitan South Africa.  I was awarded a British Empire Medal in the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours list on the Platinum Jubilee for services to Girlguiding during Covid-19, for delivering more than 60 planetarium shows to over 1400 girls around the country.

I’m a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a member of the Institute of Physics, member of the International Astronomical Union, president of Shropshire Astronomical Society, and an honorary member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society.  I also serve on the Office of Astronomy for Development’s Astronomy Awards panel, the RAS200 Steering Group of the RAS, and am part of the joint IAU/RAS/AAS working group on culturally sensitive sites.

I’m also passionate about our planet and how we can move to net zero and make our civilisation sustainable. I’m a member of Astronomers For Planet Earth, officially Carbon Literate, am a trained En-ROADS ambassador, and aiming to embed sustainability in my teaching. I am currently a trustee of Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

When I’m not doing or teaching astronomy I am also a member of Girlguiding, an amateur radio operator (2E0NMJ), a samba drummer, and can often be found flying kites, hiking, climbing, swimming, cycling or running (not all at the same time). You can also find me on Mastodon, Twitter and Facebook.

New Norcia, planets over Perth, star trails at Parkes, the Lovell telescope

In the past I’ve been an outreach coordinator (2008-2011), a Scout Leader (2008-2011), a panel member of the ING Time Allocation Group (2018-2021), a Councillor (2017-2020) and Vice President (2020-2022) of the RAS , served on the RAS’s Education and Outreach grants panel (2020-2021), served two three-year terms on the organising committee for IAU Commission C2 Communicating Astronomy with the Public (2015-2021), and many other things.