AA1051: Introductory Astronomy (distance learning) – a year-long broad overview of modern astrophysics for beginners to the subject.  Covers the essential physics background, measurements and coordinate systems used in astronomy, telescopes and observing conditions, stellar structure, the HR diagram and stellar evolution, the distance ladder, galaxies, and simple cosmology.  Module Leader.

AP2060: Physics Laboratory – running a series of astronomy experiments in the second year laboratory, on topics such as binary stars, analysing CCDs, eight-week open-ended group research projects, and including evening observing sessions at UCLan’s Observatory at Alston.   Module Leader for the Astrophysics half of the module.

AA3050: DL astronomy dissertation – supervising distance learning students working their final dissertations at the end of their path through the UCLan distance learning degree in astronomy.  My student in 2017/18 worked on MeerKAT commissioning data.  Module leader.

AP3950: Third year physics/astronomy project – supervising students working on their BSc major research project.  My student this year worked on a literature review on the topic of intermediate mass black holes and went on to win an undergraduate prize for her work.

AP4852: Advanced lab – supervised two students on radio astronomy projects, designing a small radio telescope, and undertaking a survey of the interference environment at Alston Observatory.

AP4553: MPhys project – supervising a student working on a candidate intermediate mass black hole.

PhD students – I am co-supervising a PhD student working on the Pebbles survey, 2017-2020.