Here is a list of my current bookings, as well as some past events. Over the years I have developed a set of public talks and lectures for audiences at all levels. I also have a series of smaller demos and activities, suitable for classroom and/or public events, including: planet viewing, safe solar viewing, the scale of the solar system, earth/moon phases demo, constellations, planisphere-making. To book any of these, please contact me.

Upcoming events and bookings


10th January 2020 – Talk (The next blink of a cosmic eye: astronomy in the next 200 years) at the RAS Ordinary Meeting, Burlington House, London.

18th January 2020 – Prince’s Teaching Institute New Teacher Subject Day (Physics), London.

31st January – 1st February 2020 – Lecture (The next blink of a cosmic eye: astronomy in the next 200 years) at Astrofest, London

20th February 2020 – Lecture (When Galaxies Collide) at Manchester Astronomical Society.

20th March 2020 – Public lecture (When Galaxies Collide) at Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, organised by Shropshire Astronomical Society.

2nd April 2020 – Lecture (The SKA) at the Eddington Astronomical Society, Kendal.

9th July 2020 – Lecture (When Galaxies Collide) at Cardiff Astronomical Society, Wales.

29th July 2020 – Lecture (Going over Galaxies) at Chester Astronomical Society, Waverton.


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See the list of past events.